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Mahogany, Walnut, Cork, Bamboo, Merbau, Red Oak... how can you tell them apart? They're all species of wood! The reality is that each one single type of hardwood has its own uncommon tone, with benefits and comforts that it brings to the home. Confusing the subject even further are all of the numerous finishes available for every wood, providing an unbelievable selection in hardwood floors. The wonderful part of this is that no matter what the attitude you require for your space to have, with any complex or simple the decor, the appropriate hardwood for you in the proper finish is easy to find.

Looking to modernize a study, foyer or other stylish, cushy room? The darker exotics can set up an outstanding and luxurious aura that is simultaneously relaxing. The resonant crimsons and tawny browns of African Padauk or Tiete Chestnut add a stately coziness and quality, essentially calling to be stationed in any space with a full book collection or stylish fireplace. To go with a hall, kitchen or more free entertainment space, the sunny and comforting domestics are a reasonable choice. The glowing golden and invigorating tints of Birch and Ash form a commodious, relaxing home that brings to mind images of easy spring afternoons and lively meadows.

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Bamboo and cork, while not actually hardwoods, are wondrous options, with their elegance and durability included with Earth-friendly sustainability. Bamboo, a grass that grows back after being harvested, adds a striking Eastern flourish to a room. Cork, a product made by collecting bark from an unharmed tree, can be manipulated to look not unlike hardwood or finished to have its own matchless look.

Any of these options lend a special style to the full appearance of a household, and all of them may be customized to fit your individual vision. Metro Floors Inc. carries every one of these goods and more, with every one of the assets to help you choose the hardwood floor that is a perfect fit for you.

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Different types of flooring explained


Made from real hardwood, the cross-ply construction of Mohawk's engineered wood flooring resists expansion and contraction from humidity changes. Engineered hardwood floors can be installed below, on or above grade.

Each plank is a solid piece of wood from the finest domestic and exotic hardwoods. Hardwood floors are best installed on or above grade.