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Installation in Lancaster, Palmdale, Port Hill, Rosemond and surrounding areas

Our State licensed and fully insured flooring installations team will provide top quality new floors for homeowners on schedule and within your project budget.

Metro Floors Inc. knowledgeable installation team is experienced and fully committed to making certain that you receive exactly what's needed during every step of your new flooring installations. Metro Floors Inc. has spent a long time building an excellent reputation with Homeowners in the Lancaster, CA area by delivering top quality professional services and dedicated customer service. We provide flooring products and the highest quality flooring installations for homeowners in Lancaster, CA, Quartz Hill, CA, Rosamond, CA, Palmdale, CA and other nearby Southern California areas.While it may seem that doing it yourself or opting for the lowest price you can get is the way to save money, our experience shows that this is often the wrong way to go. The reason is simply that without prior on site experience, it's all too easy to make mistakes that are both costly and time-consuming to fix after the fact.

These include:
  • Incorrectly measuring the flooring areas (including closet interiors and adjacent areas) which results in ordering too little or too much flooring products.
  • Failing to acclimatize the flooring materials to the environment where they will be installed which can result in flooring that is too loose or too tight.
  • Not understanding that no two flooring products require the same installation methods as recommended by their manufacturers.
  • Not knowing that some manufacturers will not honor their product warranties unless those products have been professionally installed.
  • And there are many others too.

Mistakes such as these don't happen when Metro Floors Inc. professionals perform your flooring installations. Our installation team members are well trained and continually re-evaluated to be certain that they are up to date on the proper installation techniques for each and every product we install. We will be happy to give you, even more, information about why professional flooring installations are the wisest choice.




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