Three benefits of a wide plank hardwood flooring installation

Three benefits of a wide plank hardwood flooring installation

We don't know anyone who doesn't love the natural beauty and classic look of wood flooring. Right now, wide planks, anything over five inches, are trending hot.

They work well with rustic decor and have an antique-like historical appearance. With the right furnishings, however, they can work well with contemporary or other decors.

Here are some other reasons to use wide plank hardwood flooring.

Wide planks make a small room look larger

Wide planks have fewer seams, and that means fewer visual interruptions. It "tricks" the eye into believing the space is more prominent.

Wide planks also work well in a room that's already large with high ceilings. However, sometimes the floor can get "lost,"--but not with a wide plank hardwood flooring installation.

Wide plank wood flooring is easier to install

There are just fewer of them?one can equal two or more narrow ones? so it takes less time. That reduces labor costs and any other installation costs.

They display features better

Well, there's just more room. So, you'll be able to see better the undertones, knots, swirls, and grains?and enjoy them even more.

Large or small plank, all hardwood has advantages

Hardwood flooring is:?

1.Versatile enough to fit into any decor. There?s a large assortment of stains, finishes, species, and textures.

2.They never go out of style, as you'll find out when shopping for wood floors in Lancaster, CA. Even the trends are classic and will be just as popular in 20 years as today.

3.They increase property value. Wood floors bring the highest ROI for your investment.?

4.Long-lasting beauty. Wood flooring lasts for decades. Refinishing is usually all needed to return to its original luster when worn or excessively scratched.

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