Solid hardwood flooring is one of the most sought-after materials in the industry. Its extensive lifespan is a primary reason for this popularity.

But there are plenty of benefits you'll enjoy when choosing these materials. And you'll want to know how to maintain them to ensure the most extended service possible.

Professional installation is the first step

The first step in excellent maintenance is a professional flooring installation. Next, these floors need to undergo an acclimation process to ensure the best results.

Wood floors will perform best after a proper acclimation. It ensures that warping, cracking, and splitting will likely never be an issue.

Regular maintenance is also important

Regular maintenance is necessary and includes daily sweeping of any loose debris. Follow this with damp or dust mopping for a shiny clean that lasts.

Don't forget that area rugs and runners can keep wear from the surface of your floors. So, it can help your floors last longer, especially in busy spaces.

Refinishing when necessary

The refinishing process strips wood floors of damage and wear for a brand new start. We can even apply new stain color and finish during the process.

Hardwood flooring can go through refinishing several times throughout its lifespan. And each time, the materials look new again.

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